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Publié : 1er juin 2009

Aïn Draham-Tabarka-Jour 4

Aïn Draham, le 28/05/2009
Classe de découverte CM1C, CM1D

In english, it’s better !

On Thursday morning, we got up early and we prepared the suitcases.

Then we had a delicious breakfast : fruits, coffee or milk, cake or bread with jam and eggs.

We got on the bus.

After a stop at the cork factory, we headed towards Tabarka.

We looked at the beautiful landscape : the sea, the mountains and the magnificient « Aiguilles de Tabarka ».

On the beach, we played football and we ate good ice-creams.

We really had a great trip !

We want to thank :

- our parents who allowed us to discover this lovely part of Tunisia,

- the parents association for its financial help,

- Marie, the school secretary who prepared the project with the teachers,

- Mouloud and Moez the great drivers, Mahmoud, our guide, Amal, Yasmina and Chokri,

- the staff who welcomed us at the Royal Rihana Hotel in Aïn Draham,

- Mr Gori, our principal, Mr Fuchs, the secondary school principal and Mr Bonichon, our inspector.

Classes de CM1C et CM1D.